28. mar. 2012


So.. I read a friend of mines blog just now, and it made me sad.
It reminded me of all the sad things I've endured the past 3-4 years.
Firs, I loose my grandfather to cancer.
And March 7. this year it was 2 years since I lost one of my best friends.
Last year one of my drinking buddies commits suicide.
And about 6 months ago, a band mate of mine dies.
Now I'm generally a very positive and *up* person..
But the reminder of the friends I've lost.. I just want to drown the sadness in alcohol..
I actually tried that, and It didn't work.
And this friend who's blog reminded me of the pain, I feel for her..
She has endured so much pain, over a short period.
I have endured that kind of pain, but over a longer period of time..
And how she keeps going, is somewhat of a mystery to me.
All I can say is, that girl is strong!
And I envy her that kind of strength.
And I guess I'll take her example and just.. keep on going.
There isn't much else to do really.
I'm happy for the friends I still got, and I love them with all my being!

Thanks for reading, nice to share the pain once in a while.

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