24. jun. 2013

New Song!

Hey Friends! I've decided to post the latest creation on my demo.
It's still instrumental, since I don't have a vocalist yet.
BUT! I wanted to share  it with you, and I hope you enjoy it.

Just some background on this track.
I wrote it many many years ago, and the lyrics(when I gent them recorded) are quite.. sad.
I was going through a rough time, and music was the one thing that held me together.
So after many hours, days and weeks on the brink of mental collapse, this song was made.
The lyrics are in Norwegian, and I believe I posted them on here a some time ago.
It was supposed to be all acoustic, but when recording it, I decided to do it in the theme of Eternity, witch ended up with a more progressive ballad sort of genre.
This may not end up being the final version, I don't know yet.
But here it is, so hope you enjoy it.

Lots of love! <3   

23. jun. 2013

I'm Back!

Okei! After a long pause from blogging, I'm back!
This will be a summary of what I've been up to over the last year.

So.. I got into school, to be a offshore technician, and the first year of study is over, and I've gotten nothing but A!
I started recording more music, and have 3 almost complete tracks for my Demo album.
I just need vocals, and I'm all done! :D
What else.. hmm.. I can't think of anything more relevant that have happened since the last post.. That I wish to write about right now.

OHH YEAH! I began work on some videos for Youtube, to try and become more known on the webs, but my video editor software decided to downgrade itself.. so even though I bought it with real money, it now says I have to buy it again.. SUCKS!

But all and all, it has been a good year, and my guitar skills are getting a bit better :)

That's all for now! I will post more blogs, but when, I don't know.. when I have the time.
Until then, follow me on twitter @Mr_Newfarm
Youtube: Inge Nygaard or youtube.com/poortypopper
Facebook: Inge Nygård/Newfarm Prod.

See ya! <3